Ways To Build Up Your Ideal Customer Persona

Ways to build up your ideal customer persona

You need to step into your customer’s shoes to begin to build up a picture of your buyer. You need to understand what makes them tick, in order to pinpoint the interests and triggers that will motivate them to starting the repeat business that is going to generate you money from multiple purchases.

Always provide value to your ideal customer with your social media activities. You’re only one click away from being unfollowed, unsubscribed from and unliked if you’re not providing value.

Rich Brooks, President, Flyte New Media

Your ideal customer:

  • will enjoy being part of your business
  • will always be open to new offers that you put out in your business
  • will communicate with you on a regular basis
  • will understand you and understand the message your business is trying to convey is loyal
  • generates huge amounts of profit for your business through repeat purchases
  • is happy almost all of the time
  • does not moan, whine, or waste your time with petty complaints

So, again, how do you do this? Well you need to answer some of these questions:

  • Why will your customer buy from you?
  • What is your customer most worried about?
  • What is the ultimate dream goal for your customer?
  • Which problem is your customer most desperate to solve?
  • What will your customer buy after they buy your product?
  • What does your customer buy before they buy your product?
  • What annoys your customer?
  • What makes your customer feel happy?
  • How old is your customer?
  • Where does your customer live?
  • Does your customer have children?
  • Is your customer married?
  • What is your customer’s salary?
  • What type of house does your customer live in?
  • What political persuasion does your customer have?
  • Which newspapers does your customer read?
  • Which TV programmes does your customer watch?
  • What does your customer do in their spare time?
  • What kind of books does your customer read?
  • What type of websites does your customer visit?
  • Where does your customer go on holiday?

By answering these questions you will be able to paint a detailed portrait of your ideal customer, which in return will make it much easier to sell to them via whatever marketing channel you choose to use.

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Soji Adeyanju is the founder of Meediax, a digital marketing agency, and blogs at DeyanSystems TechBlog. He is an avid Internet marketer, lover of cool gadgets and a doting father to his two lovely children.

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  1. Jess Dewell says:

    Great overview! Putting the answers to these questions into a written form – and find a picture to give them a face. Keep Character Customers (aka. Ideal Customer Personas) visible while working are the next steps to effectively using them.

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