6 Handy Plugins to Monetise Your WordPress Site

6 monetise wp plugins

If your site is WordPress powered, you should be aware of how easy it is to manage and grow your site. One of the most exciting benefits of WordPress as a CMS platform is the availability of a wide array of plugins that makes your job relatively easier and most importantly, a lot more effective.

If you want to take it a step further and make it even easier to monetise your site, there exist some great plugins you can install to achieve this. Below are 6 handy plugins you can begin using  on your site today.

#1: Add Sig

The Add Sig plugin is an easy way to add a footer to your posts without having to enter the code each time. It’s a perfect place for adding an opt-in box for your mailing list or feature your latest products.


While Add Sig only allows for one default signature/footer to appear in all your posts, you can set up multiple footers to better target your offers. For example, if you have a free report for making homemade chocolates, you could insert short code to make that footer appear in posts about making chocolate. Then when you wrote posts about seasoning your crepe pans, you can insert a footer that promotes awesome crepe pans.

Plugin Site: http://www.dagondesign.com/articles/add-signature-plugin-for-wordpress/

#2: Ad Injection

If you need a way to manage the ads on your site, Ad Injection might be just the right way to do it. You can manage Adsense, affiliate ads and more. It even allows you to rotate your ads and test them for best performance.

Ad Injection plugin

All you do is insert your ad codes, determine positioning with widgets and set up your tests. You can also control the number of ads that appear based on post length and you have a lot of control over who can see which ads. You can even filter ads by category, age of the content and specific tags. There is a lot control with this plugin.

Plugin Site: http://www.reviewmylife.co.uk/blog/2010/12/06/ad-injection-plugin-wordpress/

#3: WordPress Amazon Associate

If logging into Amazon and setting up links for each and every product is a real pain the rear end, you’ll love this plugin. All you do is enter your Associate Tag and the plugin does the rest. You can even enter your Associate Tag for up to 9 countries.

WordPress Amazon Associate

If you have multiple authors on your site, you can also specify Associate Tags for their posts.

Once you’ve set everything up, all you do is find a product on Amazon, link to it and the plugin will automatically insert your appropriate affiliate link. You can search for products right in WordPress and you can even use widgets like Carousels, mp3 clips, favorites and more.

WordPress Amazon Associate plugin

Plugin Site: http://labs.mdbitz.com/2010/11/wordpress-amazon-associate-now-supports-multiple-locales/

#4: Limited Time Offers

If you’ve ever wanted to promote a sale or other offer that was available for a specified amount of time only, you probably had to keep a note to go back and update the post later to remove the offer when it expired. With this plugin, all you do is specify the portion of the post that will expire and the plugin will do it automatically for you.

Limited time offers wp plugin

You can specify any post or page element to appear after a certain date or you can have it come down after a certain date.

Plugin Site: http://contentrix.com/plugins/#limited

#5 Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easy to turn your WordPress site into a membership site. You can set up different membership levels, set up sequential content delivery, integrate with a number of shopping carts and more.

Wishlist member wp plugin

You can even integrate Wishlist with a variety of autoresponder services.

Wishlist select autoresponder

Plugin Site: http://member.wishlistproducts.com/

#6: eShop

The eShop plugin creates an accessible shopping cart built right into your WordPress site. You can set up your products, manage your shipping, sell downloadable products, offer discount codes and more.

It’s a little complicated to navigate the set up at first. For example, there are some settings found in the “Settings” menu in WordPress and other settings are found within the plugin. But once you get that figured out, everything is smooth sailing.

Adding a product is as simple as entering the product details right in a post:

eShop wp plugin

Available merchant options include PayPal, Payson, iDeal Lite, Authorize.net and more.

Plugin Site: http://quirm.net/eshop-2/


The above are just a few of available WordPress plugins to help you monetise your site. As individual needs vary, the plugins you require will be dependent on what you want to accomplish. For more plugins that you can use to monetise your site or accomplish a different task, the best place to look into is the WordPress plugin directory.

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