Infographic: Mobile Marketing Facts & Timeline

Infographic mobile timeline

If you have been around for a while, I am sure you have seen a lot of changes in marketing techniques. Maybe you remember the credit card explosion. You might even remember when Yellow Pages were big business. You were probably around for the original online gold rush. If businesses don’t adapt to changes around them, they risk failure.

Right now we are in the midst of another explosive change. The mobile revolution. Mobile use is at an all time high (6 billion subscribers worldwide) but there is still room for growth. Analysts suspect that growth will be not only be massive, but it will change our lifestyles. People will begin to access the net from their smartphones rather than their computers. In fact, it is already happening.

This infographic looks back at the origins of the mobile phones and it’s place in our world of today.

Infographic: the rise of mobile marketing & timeline

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Soji Adeyanju is the founder of Meediax, a digital marketing agency, and blogs at DeyanSystems TechBlog. He is an avid Internet marketer, lover of cool gadgets and a doting father to his two lovely children.

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