Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Most Effective for Your Business?

Pay per click marketing

Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is probably the most effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website when it comes to marketing your business on the Internet. A perfectly planned and executed PPC marketing campaign can be overly effective.

There are various PPC providers around today but Google AdWords is by far the most popular. On the other hand, the emergence of social media marketing has presented new and exciting opportunities in the pay per click arena, with Facebook Ads leading the pack.

In view of the above, it is very important to identify which of the two platforms, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, will be more effective to integrate as part of your marketing mix.

There’s certainly no single appropriate preference to suit everyone. The choice that you make, however, should be dependent on the unique specifications and circumstances of your business.

To help you make an informed decision regarding what PPC platform to use, here are 3 key points that you need to give deep consideration to:

Where can you find your target audience?

Google’s leadership with regards to the PPC market share is not in question, but Facebook’s outstanding membership count of about 1 billion active users makes it a force to be reckon with. Facebook’s number is a substantive segment of the population, and more importantly a relatively specific targeted segment.

The question to ask yourself is whether your target market can be found on Facebook? The fact is not all Internet users make use of social media while on the other hand, everyone on the Internet uses a search platform when browsing the web. This point is very important to consider before making a decision between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

How deeply targeted do you need your ads to be?

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads both provide general ad targeting choices such as gender, age, language, and geographic location.

However, Facebook platform provides a deeper detailed target segmentation for your ads. This is made possible by the aggregation of all the detailed personal data that Facebook collects from its members – relationship status, employer, likes, shares, interests, etc. This way your ad can be laser targeted to reach a niche-specific audience. When it’s about creating a deeply targeted ad for your marketing, then Facebook Ads wins hands-down.

What is your marketing objective?

Because Google and Facebook are two extremely diverse platforms, people tend to use them for different purposes. While Google users are wont to navigate quickly from one search result page to the next looking for a specific search keyword, Facebook users on the other hand are known to be engaged on a particular page much longer.

Subsequently, if your main business purpose for using PPC is to acquire clicks and conversions, then it is more effective to use Google AdWords; however, if your marketing objective is to get more exposure for your brand, then go for Facebook Ads.


Highly effective PPC marketing can only be achieved through a series of extensive keyword research, market analysis, in-depth data evaluation, innovative problem resolution, and adequate A/B testing of your ad copy.

In other to get the most value for every penny spent on your PPC ad campaign, it is advisable to entrust your PPC marketing campaigns and strategies in the hands of seasoned experts who are well-versed in its execution from start to finish.

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Soji Adeyanju is the founder of Meediax, a digital marketing agency, and blogs at DeyanSystems TechBlog. He is an avid Internet marketer, lover of cool gadgets and a doting father to his two lovely children.

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