10 Most Effective Local Marketing Tips For Your Business – Part 2


In the first part of this article we looked into 4 of the techniques businesses can effectively use for local marketing. In this part we will continue with other techniques available for local business to market their products and  services to local customer base.

Tip #5: Organise a Meetup.com event

Meetup.com is a website designed to help bring people with similar interests together. It’s a web-based portal with an offline intent.

An important method to bring more customers to your location is to organise an event. This meetup can be related to your line of business, or there can be minor differences. Below are a some examples:

  • Coworking space – Monthly talks on small business marketing.
  • Classy café – Monthly strategy building discussion group.
  • Dance studio – A free “open floor” dance event every month.
  • Rock climbing gym – Free “introduction to rock climbing” meetup.
  • Bookstore – Monthly book readings and signings.

This list is inexhaustible. Confer with your customers and establish what they’re interested in. Then organise a meet up to accommodate that interest.

Tip #6: Allow your space to be used as venue by other organisers

Whenever you surf through any online events site, you’ll find that a lot of event venues are frequently used over and over again in any particular city.

Merely allowing your space to be used by other organisers, you can generate a lot more business.

As an illustration, let’s assume an eatery allows its back room to be used as venue for a Toastmasters meeting entirely free, most members and attendees will end up purchasing food and drink.

The restaurant profits from the sale and also gets totally exposed to a completely new potential clients. The back room most likely wouldn’t have been booked anyway, so there’s no significant expenditure to the restaurant.

Another instance could very well be a shared coworking workspace. The premises owner gives the meeting room for free for educational events, as long as all its co-workers are allowed to attend the events at no cost.

The event organiser gets the benefit of using a professional space for free while the shared office owner can provide customers with additional incentive of free conference attendance. In addition to this, all of the event attendees are potential customers.

It’s much more productive to open up your space to numerous event organisers rather than try to arrange many events on your own. Doing this can generate a lot of potential clients to your business, as well as develop general goodwill in your local community.

Tip #7: Market your business on local mailing lists

In any medium to large city, there will be tons of mailing lists on a wide variety of diverse subjects.

For example, in London, there are lists for hikers and runners to meet up, lists particularly for the startup business community, lists exclusively for the yoga & meditation communities, lists for notices of art events, etc.

Endeavour to ask those in your target market exactly the kind of email lists they subscribe to. Note these down and go ahead to do more research.

Some lists will have open announcement policies, meaning anyone can post to the list. Others are curated lists, where events are sent to a single curator who posts approved events all to the lists.

Quite a few of the lists will have very rigorous criteria on what it’s acceptable to send and what it’s not. The rest will be pretty loose.

Just be sure to discover as many large, active lists in your local community as possible. Promote to the lists when you have anything meaningful to announce. Prevent burning out the list by over emailing; but utilise the potential of pre-existing communities to your strengths whenever you’re running a special deal or function.

That’s all from me now folks. In the final part we will be looking into the rest of the techniques that you can now start integrating into your local marketing strategy.

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Soji Adeyanju is the founder of Meediax, a digital marketing agency, and blogs at DeyanSystems TechBlog. He is an avid Internet marketer, lover of cool gadgets and a doting father to his two lovely children.

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